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Can Moisture In Your Commercial Roof Insulation Cost You Money? How A Roof Scan Can Help

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Moisture in your roof's insulation can lead to problems for a commercial building. Occasionally, you may think you need to replace your roof. Before you do that, you should consider a non-destructive moisture test of your roof. Here's what you need to know about moisture in your roof insulation and the role a roof scan can play in finding it.

What Wet Insulation Can Do to Your Commercial Roof

It's something you may not give too much consideration to, but moisture in your roof insulation can come with a number of possible issues.

Leaks in your roof – A leak in your roof will add moisture to your insulation. If that leak continues, it can spread and cause damage to the underpinnings of your roofing structure. That may require extensive repairs if left too long. It will also create structural hazards and possibly a full roof blow off.

Increased energy costs – Wet insulation loses its effectiveness. It will no longer do its job,and will instead start working against your building's energy efficiency. In addition, perpetually saturated insulation will need replacement, which will cost you. This is especially true if you have to change it more frequently than you should.

Mold and mildew – As with anything that stays wet for too long, soaked insulation will create mold. That means it can become a health hazard and possibly an expensive cleanup job.

More weight on your building – A sufficient amount of moisture makes the insulation heavier. In turn, your roof becomes heavier. In some extreme cases, this can cause a roof collapse.

A visual inspection of your roof may reveal an issue that prompts a contractor to tell you a replacement roof is your only option. However, if your moisture problem comes from a single leak you can shore up, then why would you spend capital on a full roof replacement?

Find a Professional Who Specializes in Infrared Roof Scans

An infrared roof scan is a type of non-destructive moisture test that can give you a better look at the moisture content in your roof. An IR scan performed by a company like Beach Infrared will detect the temperature differences across the surface of your roof.

That collected data will pinpoint the damaged part of your commercial roof. It can even find other areas of your roof with extreme temperature differences for other reasons, such as a lack of insulation.

With the information, you can make a more informed decision. After all, replacing a commercial roof can cost a tremendous amount of money. It can also cost business downtime. With the new data, you can figure out if a small repair or change can preserve your roof for many years to come.