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Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Elastimold Rubber Goods

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Elastimold rubber goods are products that have become synonymous with industrial needs and solutions. If you need an electric transfer switch to reroute power, this company not only has one, but they also have it in rubber so that you can maximize employee safety. Here are five other reasons why you should buy rubber goods from Elastimold.

They Can Fit Down a Manhole

If you need to fit rubberized or rubber-covered electrical equipment down a manhole for some reason (e.g., phone and power companies often do), then this is a very good reason. Most of the components, even the larger molded transfer switch boxes, can fit down a manhole in the middle of the street. If you are into sewer repair work, underground power, telephone or cable work, now you know what and where to get parts you need that can follow you easily into the city's sewer system.

They Are Electrically-Resistant

Rubber is naturally resistant to electricity. If you never use these rubber goods for anything professionally, but use them instead for projects in your home or office, you know you are safe from electrocution so long as you touch only the rubber goods and not live wires. The products also work effectively to insulate electrical wiring.

The Do Not Rot Like Lesser Rubber Goods

Lesser-quality rubber has a tendency to rot over time, but this brand does not. It is a higher quality rubber that has just enough give to make it elastic like other rubber goods, but not so stretchy as to allow its polymer chains to break. Water and heat have little effect on it too.

The Rubber Goods Require No Oil or Gas for Their Use

The rubber goods do not need to be oiled or lubed with anything to make them work. In fact, metal counterparts by other manufacturers of similar products cannot compete because the metal products need lubrication and/or gas to float and move freely. Rubber just slides and compresses.

The Products Are Rigorously Tested Before Released for Sale and Distribution

Not all products that do what these products do are tested so rigorously. If you bought a product with the expectations of high quality and long life, you would want to know that the products were tested to stand up to your expectations, not just the "good enough to pass to the consumer" level of quality. Extensive laboratory tests make sure that the products this company sells measure up.

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