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Going Hunting And Staying In A Remote Cabin? How To Provide Power To It

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If you are going hunting and staying in a remote cabin, it likely does not have any type of electricity. If this is true, there are ways you can provide this electricity so you and your friends can stay comfortable, especially if it is cold outside.

Solar Power Kits

Solar power is becoming more popular with homeowners, as it saves them a lot of money on their electric bill and may even wipe out the bill completely. You can also use solar power for your cabin with solar power kits.

There are generally two types of solar kits you can purchase: ground mounted and roof mounted. It is much easier to install the ground-mount solar power lights, so this is likely your best option if you do not need to have electricity at the cabin after you leave. If you choose ground-mounted, the panels are placed on poles and directed towards the sun. The poles are only a few feet tall.

To keep the solar power kit out of the way, you can place it on the cabin roof. In most cases, you will hire a company to install the power kit on the roof for you. They will first connect the solar panels together and then connect the panels to an inverter. Once this is done, the lights are simply plugged into a traditional electrical outlet. If you are the DIY type, you can purchase solar power kits and install them on your own. They come with complete instructions.

Battery-Powered LED Lights

You can use battery-powered lighting for both indoors and outdoors. You will not have to worry about using an electrical outlet; instead these are LEDs powered by AA, AAA, C, or D batteries. You can also find them powered by lithium-ion and lithium coin batteries. These lights would work well for you if you will not be spending a lot of time in your cabin, such as if you are only staying one night. You would have to purchase several battery-powered lighting fixtures to provide light throughout the cabin.

These lights can be found in lighting fixtures that are different sizes and shapes. They can be mounted on a wall or your ceiling or even can be found as standalone battery lights. You can even purchase LED light strips to place under your cabinets to provide extra lighting.

When choosing between solar and battery, consider how often you will visit your cabin throughout the year to help you make the best choice.